Trivium China

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  • Consultancy
  • Development

Trivium China posed a number of technical challenges for Maples Design to solve. We worked closely with their team to understand some of the issues they were having and develop solutions for them.

Growing pains

Trivium China is a policy intelligence company that helps investors, companies, and governments understand China’s policies to make better strategic decisions. With a growing customer base, they had a number of projects to complete to improve their platforms. In need of a tech team, Trivium China reached out to Maples Design for help, relying on their technical expertise and knowledge.

GDS building.

Improving the development flow

With the increasing complexities of the platforms, changes needed to be tracked properly to ensure quality in the development projects that were released. We helped Trivium China create a proper development workflow by creating git repositories for each of the platforms. This helped to track changes, find where bugs were introduced, and deploy features and fixes easier.

Along with the git repositories, we helped create staging sites for the Trivium China platforms so that changes could be tested before deploying to the live websites. The servers were also set up to provide off-server backups of each of the platforms. Each of these layers provided redundancies in protecting the data and functionalities on Trivium China’s websites.

Server room with servers on racks.

Filtering a better experience

One of Trivium China’s main products, Trivium Finance, provides financial policy advice for subscribers. With daily policy updates, it was important for users to be able to search and filter the articles properly. Trivium China had implemented a third-party plugin solution for the searching and filtering, so we had to work within the constraints of the plugin and what they offered us. While it wasn’t the easiest plugin to work with, we collaborated with Trivium China’s team to build out possible layouts and functionality for a mobile-friendly search and filter bar. This allowed visitors using any devices to be able to find the policies they were looking for.

Trivium Finance page showing filters.

From China to the world

China is one of the world’s largest economies and is on track to continue growing. In the country’s constantly changing political and financial ecosystem, Trivium China has carved out a niche industry. The need for policy information will only continue to increase with the country’s development, and we’ve been lucky to work with Trivium China in their growth. We look forward to how Trivium China will expand in the future.

I feel like our code is in good hands, and that gives me the peace of mind I was looking for.

Kendra Schaefer, Head of Tech Policy Research